Apogee Slant 6Slant 6

The Slant 6 took over from the Centaur as the mid sized ribbon hybrid.

The Slant 6 has a 6.5" cone woofer in a rigid sloped back enclosure of 24 litres, and a 26" ribbon tweeter which is the same as the Stage.

It was available in a shielded version for home theater use, something which Apogee seemed to be aiming for in the last year or two of their existence.

Apogee supplied information:

The Slant series is a new line of hybrid loudspeakers from Apogee Acoustics, Inc. These systems incorporate three key technologies: Open dipole Ribbon midrange/tweeter elements, advanced crossover design and dynamic high power woofers in computer optimised enclosures.

Many of the design advancements made during the development of the Grand series have been incorporated into the Slant series.


* Deeper bass extension and a ore dynamic sound with excellent impact.

* Ribbons have suspension control to allow louder playback levels with lower distortion

* Slanted cabinets reduce internal standing waves for cleaner bass and midrange

* Slanted cabinets provide the ribbon midrange with a trapezoidal rear acoustic path for smoother midrange treble response

* Seamless crossovers assure a wide stable sound stage with excellent image depth



52.5 inches


14.5 inches

Depth 14 inches

Bass driver

6.5" dynamic cone


26" Aluminium/Kapton ribbon (etched 6 segment)

Max Sound Level


Sensitivity @ 3m


Frequency response

32Hz to 20kHz

Suggested amp power

50W (8 ohm load)

Impedance nominal/minimum

6/4 ohms

Weight 80lbs each

Finishes available

Black sand

Price (1996)