Apogee Diva

The Diva was Apogee's most expensive ribbon speaker when it was released in 1988. Nearly as large as the original Full Range it was a 3-way system, slightly over 6 feet tall with a very large trapezoidal bass panel, a 3 element aluminium midrange ribbon and a tweeter made from a single strip of aluminium foil.

The design has an external crossover box with controls for bass (normal-lo), overall midrange level (normal-high), upper midrange (high-normal-lo), and tweeter level (high-normal-lo). These unfortunately have a detrimental effect on sound quality and are best removed from the circuit.

At over 6 feet tall the Diva does tend to dominate a room, although from my experience the bass is better controlled than the Duetta Signature which makes it more room friendly, at least in terms of room interaction in the low frequencies. It does want to be at least 3 feet, and no more than 5 feet from the rear wall, and although the recommended clearance from side walls is at least 10", I have found 2 feet or more helps the imaging considerably.

There were 2 versions of the Diva. After 1993 Divas were made to special order only. The later version will have serial numbers starting from 6000, as opposed to from 10000 for the originals. Also stronger magnets were used, which considerably increased the magnetic field strength. This also increased the maximum SPL to 118dB.

The Diva's outboard crossover was modified after serial number 10360 to make conversion for DAX (dedicated active crossover) operation easier for more information on converting the crossovers see the DAX page and manual.



188 cm


82 cm

Depth 7 cm

Bass driver

Aluminium/Kapton panel (hand cut)




Aluminium single element

Max Sound Level

Over 115db @ 4 Meters using a 100 watt Stereo Amplifier



Frequency response

20Hz (-3dB) to 25kHz

Suggested amp power

100W (8 ohm load)

Impedance nominal

3 ohms


150lbs each

Finishes available

Light grey, Anthracite, Taupe plus  faux marble and wood

Price at time of first sale (1988)

8000 / $7500

Current price

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