Apogee Centaur MajorCentaur Major

The Centaur range was the first hybrid speakers range from Apogee, the Centaur Major being biggest model.

Using a 10" dynamic woofer and a 40" ribbon tweeter the Major stands 163cm tall, 46cm wide and a total depth of 30cm.

The enclosure for the woofer is approximately 107cm high, 28cm wide and deep. The tweeter ribbons are on the inside edge of each speaker and like all Apogee's work as a dipole.

The speakers are nearly as room dominating as the Duetta Signatures, with only the width being significantly smaller, and require nearly as much free space around them.

Although they will work with smaller amps, they justify being fed by a high quality, high current amp. 



163 cm


46 cm

Depth 30 cm

Bass driver

10" Dynamic cone


40" Aluminium/Kapton ribbon (etched 5 segment)

Max Sound Level


Sensitivity @ 3m


Frequency response

30Hz (-3dB) to 20kHz

Suggested amp power

100W (8 ohm load)

Crossover frequency 450Hz

Impedance nominal/minimum

6/4 ohms


100lbs each

Finishes available

Silver grey, rosewood, walnut, blonde oak and mahogany

Price at time of first sale (1991)

$3400 / 4200