Apogee Mini GrandMini Grand

Take a Stage, add a subwoofer underneath it,  and you have a Mini Grand. It started production in approximately 1992 and was manufactured until the demise of Apogee in 1998.

The idea was to add the low bass to the slightly bass shy Stage, but without compromising the positive attributes of the speakers itself. The additional subwoofer used two in-house produced drive units in an enclosure which sat beneath the Stage. This also acted as a stand to raise the speaker off the ground, something which helps to give more soundstage height, which the Stage is lacking compared to other Apogee's.

The addition of the external crossover meant that you need 2 power amps to drive the system, one for the Stage's and one for the subwoofers. The external crossover acted as a line level signal splitter to supply the amps powering the Stage and subwoofer with a 'filtered' signal although it does add another layer of electronics into the system



127 cm (subwoofer 29cm)


67 cm

Depth 50 cm (subwoofer) 
Subwoofer drivers

2 x 8" Vifa 


6 element etched mylar

Ribbon bass Dual sandwich Aluminium/Mylar (etched)

Max Sound Level


Sensitivity @ 3m


Frequency response

25Hz (-3dB) to 25kHz

External crossover sub to panel 70Hz

Suggested amp power

100W (8 ohm load) 4 channels needed

Impedance nominal/minimum

4/3.25 ohms


25kg each subwoofer 15kg approx

Finishes available

Anthracite with Mahogany side cheeks or White piano lacquer with silver cheeks (additional charge)

Price at time of first sale (1990)