Apogee DefinitiveDefinitive

This was Apogees flagship speaker, introduced at CES Chicago in June 1991. Only around 25 pairs were sold between that time and the closure of the company.

The Apogee Grand is a full size four-way loudspeaker which re-defines the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. The system includes a built-in subwoofer, tweeter amplifier and infrared remote controlled active crossover system. Other system features include:

Etched multi-track ribbons with wave patterns for improved structural dynamic characteristics.

A specially designed magnet system to provide magnetic focusing for higher sensitivity, and low diffraction shapes to form a smooth acoustic path for excellent imaging

Special high loss materials used throughout, and robust internal cabinet bracing to control vibrations

Dual long excursion 12-inch woofers with specially developed composite cone construction for ultra low frequency output. 

The woofers operate into a sealed acoustic suspension enclosure




88 inches


32 inches

Depth 39" (subwoofer) 
Tweeter Aluminium/Mylar (etched) driven by built in 500W Krell amp


2" wide aluminium/Mylar (etched)

Ribbon bass Aluminium/Kapton panel
Subwoofer 2 x 12" Vifa dynamic cone woofers in sealed enclosure driven by built in 600W Krell amp
All inputs/outputs on rear of subwoofer enclosure

Max Sound Level

120dB @ 4 meters



Frequency response

Below 18Hz to over 27kHz

Crossover frequencies Sub to panel 70Hz / 250Hz bass panel to mid / 9000Hz mid to tweeter

Suggested amp power

100W (into 8 ohms) 200W (into 4 ohms) with high current delivery - 4 channels needed

Impedance nominal

3 ohms


1300lbs / 591kg per system

Finishes available

Oak, Mahogany Hi-Gloss or exotic woods

Price (1996)