The original price for the DAX 3 was $2995, $1000 less than the original DAX 1 which lead people to believe they weredifferent, they were exactly the same only the display and associated circuitry is removed.

As the main circuitry was not altered, so there should be no sonic differences between the DAX 1 and DAX 3.

The DAX 3 like the original DAX 1 has internal switches to set the unit for use with the Diva, Duetta Signature and Caliper Signature.
Internal switches also set the input type between balanced (XLR) or single ended (RCA), woofer to midrange/tweeter power amp gain matching and input impedance.

The control functions are the same as the DAX1/2:

Woofer level 0 to -6dB in 1dB steps

Midrange/Tweeter level 0 to -6dB in 1dB steps

Woofer to Midrange/Tweeter balance fine adjustment -0.8 to +0.8 in 0.2dB steps

Rake, high frequency, or 'brightness' adjustment) (2dB @ 5kHz, in 0.5dB steps hinged at 1kHz)