Apogee The GrandThe Grand 

This was Apogees flagship speaker, introduced at CES Chicago in June 1991. Only around 25 pairs were sold between that time and the closure of the company.

The Apogee Grand is a full size four-way loudspeaker which re-defines the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. The system includes a built-in subwoofer, tweeter amplifier and infrared remote controlled active crossover system. Other system features include:

Etched multi-track ribbons with wave patterns for improved structural dynamic characteristics.

A specially designed magnet system to provide magnetic focusing for higher sensitivity, and low diffraction shapes to form a smooth acoustic path for excellent imaging

Special high loss materials used throughout, and robust internal cabinet bracing to control vibrations

Dual long excursion 12-inch woofers with specially developed composite cone construction for ultra low frequency output. 

The woofers operate into a sealed acoustic suspension enclosure

Sonically transparent speaker cable designed exclusively for Apogee Acoustics is used for all internal signal transmission

Four-way all active computer driven remote controllable crossover network with volume and individual drive level adjustments, balance, rake, absolute phase, mute, programmable presets, and user diagnostic features. The crossover is also able to be driven via a built-in RS-232 computer port

Built-in subwoofer amplifier capable of delivering 600 watts per channel (manufactured by Krell)

Built-in 500-watt tweeter amplifier (manufactured by Krell)

Fully external power supply for both crossover and amplifier to provide the absolute cleanest, low distortion music reproduction

The system is available in a wide variety of standard and premium finishes.


Frequency response: below 18Hz to over 27kHz

Crossover: Dedicated active four-way crossover with remote control

Electrical Crossover Frequency: 70Hz, 250Hz, 9000Hz

Amplification: Dedicated subwoofer amplifier rated at 600 watts. Tweeter amplifier rated at 500 watts. (User supplies two additional channels of amplification for woofer and midrange)

Sound Level: Over 120dB SPL peak at 4 meters

Nominal impedance:
3 Ohms

Dimensions: 88" (H) x 32"(W) x 39" (D)

Weight: 1300 lbs per system

Finishes: Mahogany, Oak, or Walnut Veneer

Premium Finish Options: Faux Finish, Exotic Wood Veneer or Hi Gloss Color of Choice (Sample Supplied Upon Request)

From the back cover of the official Apogee brochure

An invitation from the President,

Apogee Acoustics established its reputation by introducing the world's first Full Range Ribbon Speaker System in 1981.
Our philosophy is simple: High-quality musical reproduction is the result of nothing less than an absolute dedication to the most innovative designs, meticulous specifications, and superb assembly.
We are proud to introduce the 'Grand Series', the culmination of twelve years of research and development that represents a breakthrough in Apogee's patented Full Range Ribbon technology.
Our flagship, the Apogee 'Grand', started as a laboratory exercise and emerged as a product that gives new meaning to the state-of-art. With features so unique as its seven on board computers, full function remote control, advanced ribbon array and magnetic design, several critics have hailed the Apogee 'Grand' as the highest expression of the art of music reproduction.
The 'Studio Grand' incorporates many of the features of the 'Grand' at significantly less cost. Apogee's patented sine-wave ribbons are used throughout the ribbon array and integrated with dedicated subwoofer stands that provide a seamless dynamic integration.
Also included is a two-way active crossover (DAX) between the subwoofers and the ribbon arrays. Elegant precision leveling pods allow the system to be conveniently leveled by the listener with the speaker set in its final position.
Our smallest and least expensive model in the 'Grand Series' is the 'Mini Grand'. Able to offer the utmost of musicality and dynamics in a compact package, the 'Mini Grand' consists of Apogee's highly acclaimed 'Stage' Full Range Ribbon Speakers mounted on their own dedicated stereo subwoofer stands. The 'Mini Grand' subscribes to Apogee's modular building system as the Stage and their subwoofer modules can be purchased
separately. This elegant combination shares much of the advanced technology found in the 'Grand' and provides deepest bass impact yet preserves the transparency of the 'Stage' ribbon array.
All of us at Apogee Acoustics invite you to audition our latest 'Grand Series' of handcrafted Full Range Ribbon Speakers. You will discover that this entire evolution of speakers retains the integrity of the music you enjoy throughout the entire audio spectrum.
Provide your favorite performing artists; Apogee will provide the artistry of sound.


Jason Bloom

Mr. Corey Greenberg wrote about it in Stereophile vol. 14 no. 8, page 87

"The Best Sound at the Show: a group of one I've saved the best for last. Because while there were several really fine-sounding rooms at the Chicago CES, one speaker stood out so far away from the rest of the pack that it redefined my expectations of what can be achieved in the art of sound reproduction. I've heard great-sounding systems and I've heard GREAT-sounding systems, but I've never heard anything even 'remotely' as good as the demonstration of the new $60,000 Apogee Grand speaker system. Not even close. Driven by a Krell digital front end and preamp, the longest runs of Magnan wire I've ever seen, and $40,000 worth of Krell amplification, the big Grands, which combine a three-way ribbon with a dynamic subwoofer, were simply awe-inspiring. With effortless dynamics, unequalled coherence throughout the midrange, bass definition heretofore unheard by me anywhere outside of live music, highs as free of coloration as the real thing, the Grand demonstration was, for me, the highest expression of music reproduction I've yet heard. I know all of this sounds like typical over-the-top reviewer gush, but I'm not alone; the Grand reduced a room full of the cream of high-end reviewing crop, men who've seen it all and heard it thrice, to a gaggle of wildly jabbering geese. To expect a chance to review these speakers is to be hallucinating like a mofo, but I can assure you that when Stereophile gets a pair of the Grands to review, I'm packing a sack full of pork ribs, slapping on my leathers, and pointing my motorcycle toward the Mexican border".

Mr Robert Harley from the same issue of Stereophile (page 99):

"Now that we're finished with new digital products, I'd like to briefly list what I thought was good sound at the show. I'll start with the Apogee Grand loudspeaker. The Grand is, in my opinion, a stunning breakthrough in loudspeaker design. Even in a less than optimum listening position, the beauty and majesty of this remarkable loudspeaker were unmistakable. Driven by eight Krell MDA-300s, Krell MD-1 transport, and Krell SBP-64x, the Grand produced the best recorded sound I've ever experienced. It was transcendental - the kind of sound you'd mortgage your house for. I'd love to hear it with a topnotch analog front end. The sobering fact, however, is that the Grand coss between $45,000 and $60,000, depending on finish, and requires a fairly large room. I hope that the technological breakthrough that made the Grand possible will find their way into a smaller and less expensive product - I'll be in the first line.
Bravo, Apogee!"



88 inches


32 inches

Depth 39" (subwoofer) 
Tweeter Aluminium/Mylar (etched) driven by built in 500W Krell amp


2" wide aluminium/Mylar (etched)

Ribbon bass Aluminium/Kapton panel
Subwoofer 2 x 12" Vifa dynamic cone woofers in sealed enclosure driven by built in 600W Krell amp
All inputs/outputs on rear of subwoofer enclosure

Max Sound Level

120dB @ 4 meters



Frequency response

Below 18Hz to over 27kHz

Crossover frequencies Sub to panel 70Hz / 250Hz bass panel to mid / 9000Hz mid to tweeter

Suggested amp power

100W (into 8 ohms) 200W (into 4 ohms) with high current delivery - 4 channels needed

Impedance nominal

3 ohms


1300lbs / 591kg per system

Finishes available

Oak, Mahogany Hi-Gloss or exotic woods

Price (1996)