Apogee CentaurCentaur

The Centaur was the medium sized model of the Centaurus ribbon hybrid range, Apogee's first range of ribbon hybrids using a 8" dynamic woofer and a 26" ribbon tweeter.

They enabled users to experience the clarity and spaciousness of a ribbon tweeter, and with the ordinary dynamic woofer instead of the current hungry planar bass panel they were considerably easier to drive.



117 cm


38 cm

Depth 28 cm

Bass driver

8" Dynamic cone


26" Aluminium/Kapton ribbon (etched 6 segment)

Max Sound Level

107dB peak @ 4 meters using a 50 W amplifier

Sensitivity @ 3m


Frequency response

38Hz (-3dB @ 45Hz) to 20kHz

Suggested amp power

100W (8 ohm load)

Impedance nominal/minimum

5/3 ohms


65kg each

Finishes available

Silver grey, rosewood, walnut, blonde oak and mahogany

Price at time of first sale (1990)

1845 / $1995