Apogee Duetta SignatureDuetta Signature

The second revision of the original Duetta was a visual and electrical redesign, the front lip of the Duetta cover was removed to give a tidier appearance, and sturdy aluminium feet were added. The crossover was redesigned to enhance the high frequency response, along with giving a three position mid/tweeter level switch.

According to reviewers the signature greatly improved upon the bass performance of the Duetta II and also had a clearer high frequencies and was less prone to sounding bass heavy.

When it was released the Signature offered exceptional performance to the lucky few who could afford it along with the necessary amplification.

It likes to be well clear of walls 3-4 feet from the back wall, and at least 1-2 feet from the side walls helps imaging greatly.





72cm tapers to 62cm

Depth 7 cm

Bass driver

Aluminium/Kapton panel


Aluminium/Kapton 3 segment

Max Sound Level


Sensitivity @ 3m


Frequency response

30Hz (-3dB) to over 20kHz

Suggested amp power

200W (4 ohm load)

Impedance nominal

4 ohms


120lbs each

Finishes available

Light grey, Anthracite, Taupe, Faux Marble or Black Sand

Price (1988)

4200 / $4000